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Sometimes fast just isn’t fast enough when you have left it too late and an event or holiday is looming. This is when super fast is called for! The diet which can be followed from anywhere between 4 and 14 days focuses on my exciting new 'seesaw strategy' where you won’t be plagued with hunger and delights like hot buttered toast and chocolate are very firmly on the ‘must have’ list!

how it works

You eat and enjoy 2 or 3 filling and satisfying meals a day resulting in plenty of nourishment, increased fat burning and little or no hunger and cravings.

You eat your meals when you are actually hungry rather than adhering to the classic breakfast, lunch and dinner mantra resulting in you eating less in a day without really being aware that you are.   

You leave 5 hours between meals and don’t snack which gives the fat burning hormones ample time to get into action and burn stored fat for energy rather than squirrelling excess calories away in our fat cells for later.

You drink between meals but not with meals, prompting improved digestion and no bloating.

You have 3 days where no starchy carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and other grains) are included but every 4th day they are so cravings for sugar and starch are kept under control.

You include vegetables with every meal but not those high in fibre which can be hard to digest and often result in frustrating waistband woes. 

You eat fruit to reap their health-enhancing benefits but not with other foods - an important, hunger-busting, sweet and delicious exception to the no snacking rule.

You use top dollar butter and nut and seed oils for cooking, spreading and drizzling to benefit from their wealth of ‘good’ fats and leave health-disrupting butter alternatives and overly-processed oils firmly on the supermarket shelf.

You plan ahead, wherever possible and cook/freeze your meals - research shows that we are 80% less likely to ‘cheat’ on a diet when we have wholesome and satisfying meals to hand.

You supplement your diet (optional) with certain good quality products that can help to cut cravings, improve digestion and accelerate fat loss when used sensibly.

You indulge in a chocolate ‘fix’ most days!

Have a look at the Gallery to see some of the delicious dishes involved in my diets!

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