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Fiona Kirk Nutrition Food Swaps

Over the last couple of weeks I've been focussing on my new series Food Swaps over on my Facebook page but in case you missed it, here it is!


So last month Medical News Today posted an article called 'Does Junk Food Shrink Your Brain?' following a PATH study carried out on adults aged 60-64 by the Australian National University. This tracked their diets and measured the hippocampi (integral to learning, memory and mental health) in the brain. What they found was that sugar, salt and fat can indeed increase your risk of anxiety, depression and dementia so follow me as I show you my recommended Food Swaps to improve your diet and therefore your health now.



Fiona Kirk Nutrition Food Swap Burger vs Burger

Instead of: the burger, the bun, the fries, the ketchups and bbq sauces and all manner of deep fried extras

Go for: 100% meat, poultry or game or a veggie burger wrapped in lettuce leaves with as many vegetables as you can stuff in and a good dollop of salsa, guacamole or hummus



Fiona Kirk Nutrition Food Swap Fizzy Drink vs Juices

Instead of: sugary, fizzy drinks (diet and zero cal included as they are loaded with unpronounceable and health-disrupting chemicals and do little other than prompt the need for another 'sugar fix')

Go for: fresh fruit and vegetable juices - make your own with whatever is in the fridge/fruit bowl or get down to your local juice bar





Fiona Kirk Nutrition Food Swap Latte vs Fat Coffee

Instead of: a latte and a slice of cake (or a pastry)

Go for: 'fat' coffee (also known as 'butter' coffee) and a slice of grapefruit and yoghurt bread.




Fiona Kirk Nutrition Food Swap Pizza vs Soup

Instead of: a pizza meal deal (generally involves a can of something fizzy and sugar-laden) 

Go for: a mug of carrot soup and a rye crisp bread topped with grated courgette, mashed, tinned salmon, cottage cheese and diced chilli





Fiona Kirk Nutrition Food Swap Kebab vs Salad

Instead of: a doner kebab with all the trimmings

Go for: a big mixed salad with plenty of leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, grated apple, avocado, cooked chicken or turkey, a scattering of fresh nuts and a lemon juice, olive oil and mustard dressing 




Fiona Kirk Nutrition Food Swap BLT vs Open Sandwich

Instead of: a BLT

Go for: an open sandwich (top a thick slice of rye bread with guacamole, fresh prawns, toasted pine nuts and sliced baby tomatoes)