How Much Do You Know About Homocysteine?

Are you keen to reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, infertility, Alzheimer's and dementia? If so, my advice is to check your homocysteine levels every few years. Homocysteine is a naturally occurring amino acid (a protein building block) which is involved in essential chemical pathways in the body. Increasingly, medical experts are warning that elevated levels in the blood may be more of a risk factor for disease than raised levels of LDL cholesterol but the good news is that it can be normalised through diet and vitamin supplementation.


Have a look at the YorkTest Laboratories Homocysteine Test Kit plus their video on how to take the test at home before you launch into a decision. It’s a bit of a financial outlay (£149, although they occasionally do special offers so keep an eye out for those) but if you choose to go ahead, you can be confident that after analysis of the levels of homocysteine in your blood, the company will provide guidance on diet and supplementation in a bid to get a healthy balance back and decrease the associated risks. NB: this test is only available in the UK and Ireland.