lighten up for summer!

Not only is this a weight loss diet but also a fabulously-delicious way to get foods that really mean summer into your diet over the months when the sun breaks through for more than a few hours. This is the time of year when there are lots of opportunities to head out in light linens and sandals, eat outdoors and go for light soups, fresh and colourful salads and stay hydrated and well-nourished with energising fruit and vegetable juices!

yes, it's all about soups, salads and juices!

Why? Because not only are all my recommendations delicious, colourful and bursting with a good balance of the essential macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fats) but also because they offer enviable levels of vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals which protect us against disease... and... help to ramp up our metabolic rate, making weight loss just that little bit easier to achieve with not too much effort and steer us away from the starches and sugars that so often invade our diets and do little other than prompt energy dips and brain-numbing hunger bursts which see us reaching for sugary and salty snacks which threaten our waistlines.  

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