motivation diet

how does it work?

When you decide that you want to lose a bit of weight, you want to see results - FAST - so the first few days are crucial! Following this diet for a minimum of 3 days or for up to a week is a great way to see some very satisfying results in record time while you decide which one of My Diet Plans/Books is going to best suit your tastes, your timetable and your lifestyle for continued weight loss. It is also an excellent little number to keep up your sleeve for those occasions when maximum weight loss in minimum time is a priority.

The diet is based on you getting up around 7am and going to bed around 11pm but if your timetable is very different, treat first thing as when you get up and ensure that you leave 2-3 hours between each meal or snack.

I have purposely included food and drink choices that are easy to find on the shelves for those who are strapped for time but there are also recipe choices (in italics) throughout the day for those who prefer to prepare/cook their meals and snacks.

NB: If your regular exercise programme is fairly strenuous, you may wish to ease up a little to ensure you don’t over-stress your body whilst it is working hard to reboot and cleanse. 

why does it work?

  • The foods and drinks involved each day offer a range of nutrients that reduce stress within the body - stress encourages fat storage.
  • The combination of these nutrients encourages the action of the hormones that determine that stored fat should be burned for energy.
  • The timing of the consumption of this combination of nutrients regulates blood sugar and controls appetite.
  • The fats involved at certain times in the day encourage an increased metabolic rate whilst ensuring energy levels remain stable.
  • The wealth of plant chemicals protect cells from damage which causes inflammation within the body - inflammation encourages fat storage.
  • The combination of nutrients ingested later in the day encourage the production of chemicals that promote sleep - lack of sleep dampens our metabolic rate and increases hunger.

click here for recipes (in italics)

first thing

Hot Lemon and Ginger or

Freshly-squeezed juice of 1 grapefruit (50:50 with boiled water)


(choose one)

Ham and Eggs

1 portion Bircher Muesli

2 rye or rice crackers with sugar-free nut butter

2 eggs, scrambled with 2 rashers of lean bacon

mid morning

(choose one)

Beta Carotene Cocktail

1 slice Apple, Carrot and Courgette/Zucchini Bread

1 small pot natural live/bio yoghurt plus 1 piece of fruit

1 small tub hummus with raw vegetables


(choose one)

A bowl of Quick and Tasty Chicken Broth

A bowl of Spinach and Watercress Soup

2 x Crisp Breads

A green salad topped with a mixed bean salad

mid afternoon

(choose one)

1 portion Lentil and Bean Salad

Essential Smoothie

1 small tub natural cottage cheese plus 1 piece of fruit

1 small bar (35g) of dark chocolate and a handful of mixed fresh nuts and seeds


(choose one)

Fish in a Parcel plus extra steamed greens

1 portion Tomato-Topped Escalopes plus extra steamed greens

A lightly grilled fish or chicken fillet with a selection of steamed greens

100% meat, poultry or vegetarian-alternative burger with a cucumber, tomato, mozarella and basil salad

bedtime snack

(optional and minimum 40 minutes before bed)

A couple of rice or oat cakes with sliced cooked turkey breast or

One egg, lightly scrambled on a rye crisp bread


Still and sparkling water

Green Tea with Honey