fast and fabulous fat loss is an interactive, multi-touch diet ebook created for super-quick and easy digital access to whichever diet you decide is going to best suit you, your tastes, your timetable and your lifestyle

there are quizzes, videos, presentations, eating plans, recipes, shopping lists and a whole lot more to keep you in charge, wherever you are and however hectically busy you are - and - all at the mere click of a mouse or swipe of a screen!

get your copy on iBooks at £6.99/€8.99/$9.99

currently, fast and fabulous fat loss is only available to download onto Apple devices and through iTunes but I am very hopeful that as other retailers get to grips with this extremely sophisticated and easy-to-manage multi-touch method of accessing, highlighting, bookmarking and linking to everything you need to take the hard work out of fast and lasting fat loss, I will be able to offer it through other avenues - I'll keep you posted through my blog!

here are a few screenshots from the book!

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 18.06.22.png