3 day soup and juice clean up

If you are feeling a bit sluggish or under the weather, a few days of nourishing soups and juices can really lift your energy levels and your spirits and your liver will give you a big thank you for giving it a bit of extra help in its unenviable quest to perform over 500 functions within the body on a daily basis, protect you from toxic overload and keep you at the top of your game. I recommend 3 days but you may wish to continue for longer but 7 days should be the max.

before you start

  • Decide which juices and soups you want to include over the 3 days and shop accordingly (saves valuable time in the long run!)
  • Prepare and cook enough of your chosen soups in one soup-making-fest, portion them in soup bags and refrigerate (or if you have decided to continue your clean up for a further few days, freeze some of them).
  • Don't forget your nuts and seeds! Buy a large bag of fresh, mixed nuts and seeds (or smaller bags of your favourites and mix them all together) then store in a glass jar in the fridge making it quick and easy for you to 'bag' a couple of handfuls to have about your person on a daily basis to deal with possible snack-attacks. 

every day

  • Have 2 juices from the following choices. It's totally up to you when you have them - early morning and mid afternoon suits some, mid morning and early evening suits others! Some people find it more convenient to make enough of one juice to have 2 portions in a day but if you have time, you may prefer to have 2 different juices.
  • Have 3 generous bowls of soup from the following choices. Again, you decide what times of the day are going to work best and you may prefer 6 cups/mugs of soup spaced out over the day rather than 3 bowls - whatever suits. And as per the juices, you can stick with one soup for the whole day or go for a mix.
  • If your diet has been a bit all over the place for a while, you may struggle with the occasional craving, energy dip, concentration lapse or perhaps even a mild headache. That's the time to reach for a handful of nuts and seeds and/or a small cup of your juice or soup. Wait 20 minutes and things should settle down nicely.
  • Try to ensure you leave just a little of your soup, juice and/or nuts and seeds aside for a possible pre-bedtime snack. For some, this is totally unnecessary but for others, getting to sleep and staying asleep can be a struggle and this little bit of nourishment late in the day can make a worthy difference to blood sugar levels, keep a healthy balance and promote a good night's sleep. 

juice choices (click on either of the images below for recipes)


soup choices (click on the images for recipes)