treat yourself to a cleansing weekend!

There is nothing like a ‘cleansing weekend’ to give your body a chance to reboot. Not only do a relaxing and optimally-nourishing few days help to calm the brain and prompt an element of de-stressing but also, a weekend of total devotion to you (and only you) can result in a greater appreciation and the will to continue with a diet that encourages weight loss, hikes up your energy levels and helps to clear up skin and digestive problems that may have been dragging you down for a while.

Firstly, you have to shop ahead and have everything to hand so you can get going on Friday evening so have a look at what I recommend below, download, save and print off the recipes I suggest (just click on the links), pull together a shopping list a few days before and do a bit of prepping before you start 


Friday Evening

  • As soon as you get home from work (or your workday is done), skin brush, shower, moisturise face and body with light, chemical-free and nourishing products, change into your favourite 'comfy' clothes, find a blissfully-relaxing 'corner' and have a cleansing and calming mug of Hot Lemon and Ginger.
  • Head for an early night and no less than an hour before you do, have a tasty, fresh and colourful salad. Place a handful of mixed leaves in a medium-sized bowl and top with grated courgette, grated apple, finely-sliced, peeled cucumber, a tablespoon of both hummus and natural cottage cheese, a tablespoon of mixed peppers in olive oil (readily-available from supermarkets and delis), a good splash of lemon or lime juice and a good scattering of fresh walnuts or toasted, flaked almonds.
  • Sip water throughout the evening and keep some on the bedside table and have a good glug if you wake up during the night.

Saturday and Sunday

  • Have a long lie or stay in bed and read your book or simply stay cozy and warm until you feel like getting up.
  • As soon as you do decide to get up, have a glass of water then head outside for a 30 minute brisk walk then when you get back home, skin brush, shower, moisturise, get back into your 'comfy' clothes and settle down with a mug of Hot Lemon and Ginger.
  • Anywhere between 11am and 1pm, have a bowl of Bircher Muesli or Porridge
  • Anywhere between 3pm and 5pm, have a bowl of soup (should the weather be wonderfully-warm, both the recommended soups are great chilled or very lightly warmed through) but if not, heat them through until they are just beginning to boil.
  • Head for an early night and no less than an hour before you do, have a tasty, fresh and colourful salad as per Friday evening OR if you are feeling a bit ‘chilled’ and want/need some hot food, have my Fish in a Parcel or Mexican-Style Baked Omelette.
  • Throughout the day, sip water and have a few mugs of green, white, black, red bush, fruit or herb tea (no milk or sugar).


  • Back to work probably but make time to skin brush, shower and moisturise, have a mug of Hot Lemon and Ginger while you get ready for the day, have a bowl of Bircher Muesli or Porridge before you head out (or when you get to work), heat through and flask what’s left of your soup and have a cupful every few hours, stay as close as you can to the salad recommendation at lunchtime, keep sipping water and teas throughout the day, have a light dinner of protein and steamed, roasted or stir fried vegetables and try for another early night.

More Tips…

  • To give your liver a helping hand and encourage a bit more 'cleansing', you may wish to consider a supplement. Nutri’s Liver Support formulated by Xandria Williams provides an excellent combination of nutrients and is available through and Amazon
  • If you fear that sugar cravings may seriously-invade your cleansing weekend, you may wish to consider a supplement. Biocare’s Sucroguard formulated by John Briffa provides excellent levels of chromium and magnesium, two minerals which are vital for blood sugar management. Also available through and Amazon
  • Should hunger and/or cravings threaten to cause 'more stress than chill' over the weekend, I recommend a wee cup of soup to keep the whole plan moving nicely forward - however - you won’t do any harm (and likely create a little bit of happiness!) if you have a mini bar of very dark chocolate alongside a piece of fresh fruit and a handful of fresh nuts on one or other of the days!
  • Whilst you are enjoying all your 'me' time, you might also wish to give your hair and nails a bit of loving care and attention. If so, you will find a few extra tips here on my blog…