my new 2 weeks in the fast lane diet!

It's time for an update! But why, you ask? Surely if it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing?

Well... largely as a result of the so-called obesity crisis worldwide and the extremely worrying health threats posed by being overweight or clinically obese, research into diet, eating and lifestyle habits has gone into orbit with increasing funds being dedicated to finding out where it has all gone so horribly wrong and what we should do in a bid to reverse the unfolding drama.

So... what better time than now to bring the 2 Weeks in the Fast Lane Diet right up to speed with a wealth of research-backed changes we can all make over the space of two weeks to make fat loss a reality rather than a vague hope!

here's a short, lighthearted video to give you an idea of what's to come!


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how does it work?

The diet involves no less than 20 changes that we can all make and lose up to 10 pounds in weight, 4 pounds of stubborn fat and shave inches from hips, bums and bellies in just 14 days by 'moving deftly into the fast lane'. These include:

  • going to work on an egg

  • loving curries

  • packing in protein

  • drinking water before meals and snacks

  • getting outdoors around lunchtime

  • altering our cooking methods

  • binning fizzy drinks

  • getting more quality sleep

  • filling up on fats

  • and lots more….

the diet plan

This is split into 3 sections:

  • Days 1 to 6 - getting comfortable with the diet and the first 10 changes

  • Days 7 to 11 - offering more meal and snack choices and suggesting 6 more changes

  • Days 12 to 14 and beyond - further expanding meal and snack choices and encouraging 4 more changes

the book also includes invaluable and right up to date exercise advice from Ben Camara, owner of No1 Fitness whose knowledge, passion and expertise have helped countless clients, including many celebrities...

Healthy appetiser vegetable sticks with humus

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how to get your copy

the new book is available in a number of different formats (click on the links):

eBook through,, kobo and nook

multi-touch interactive iBook through apple iBooks

paperback through and


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