get more oats into your day!

Jean Gupta

breakfast or anytime! porridge made with water topped with a generous tablespoon of double cream and a good drizzle of honey

Joshua Green

short of time? soak oats, yoghurt, coconut water, nuts and seeds overnight and simply add fresh fruit before devouring

Harold Eckart

fruity, nutty, oaty tray bakes can be made ahead of time, served hot or cold for a super-quick breakfast or snack and they stay fresh for days

Robert Sanchez

oats, Greek yoghurt and berries are quick to prepare, brilliantly-transportable and you can sling in whatever seeds you have to hand

Katherine Campbell

a couple of tablespoons of oats added to smoothies provide a splendidly-satisfying snack thanks to the protein, fat content and extra fibre

make your own protein balls with oats, almond butter, whey protein, seeds, dried fruit and coconut

Mary Torres

adding oats to super-green and vegetable-rich homemade soups before blitzing make for a filling lunchtime bowl of goodness

oats, herbs and lemon juice make a great mix for topping fish, poultry and tofu before baking in the oven

Christina Howard

multi-grain crackers that include oats are crying out for delicious toppings at any time of the day - click below for some tasty combinations

add some crunch and protein to your veg fritters with oats and serve with cool yoghurt or salsa

Rose Peterson

keep a packet of mini oatcakes handy and top with protein and fat (eg smoked salmon and tzatziki) to keep hunger at bay

sprouted bread.JPG

this oat bread recipe from Nathalie Oldfield via Gina at Running to the Kitchen is well-worth the effort!