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Is wedded bliss causing you to gain weight? It is sometimes loosely referred to as ‘holy fatrimony’ and some studies reveal that the average weight gain in the first two years of marriage can be anything between 12 and 30 pounds - if anything is going to wipe the blissfully happy smile off your face, you may just have found it! However, if you and your spouse are in that place, the time to halt the weight gain is now and there is lots you can do. What works for him doesn’t always work for her and vice versa. Males have more muscle so burn fat more efficiently, females gain weight more easily so need to tailor their diet accordingly, males are generally bigger and taller so need more food in a day, females have monthly hormonal activity so need more fats, both sexes need protein but portion sizes must be managed - we don’t just look different, our nutritional needs are different!

a few diet secrets

Have a chat. It is really important that you both enjoy any kind of weight loss diet and support each other so the first thing to do is discuss (realistically) how you are both going to get on the fat busting road. The whole eating-together experience can quickly become a chore rather than a pleasure if you have to start making two different dinners every evening so make a list of the healthy foods that you both like, ensure they are on the weekly shopping list and take a little time to decide which dishes you are going to eat each week and who is doing the shopping and cooking. Also, if you both go out to work most days, get into the habit of making a little extra each night so you can pack a couple of lunches for the next day - it’s a great way to save money.

Change your boozing habits. Alcohol can really pile on the pounds so has to be treated with a deal of respect. There is little point in having a booze-free week if the weekend is going to result in a binge. A healthy liver copes reasonably well with the occasional glass or two but any more than that and it simply packs the excess sugars off for storage in the fat cells which is not part of your grand plan. Sometimes, a little alcohol with your evening meal can be a delightfully-relaxing way to catch up after a hectic day but always try to stick to the recommended 1 for girls, 2 for boys maximum daily consumption and always drink plenty of water before and after your meal. And, if you are in the habit of quaffing sugary, fizzy soft drinks - bin them (and that includes the diet versions) - you will be amazed at how quickly the pounds start to drop off!

Get up and get physical! Exercising first thing in the morning burns more calories for more hours than at any other time of the day so whilst you should always factor in some sort of regular exercise to build muscle and get leaner and fitter as you lose weight on your new eating programme, dragging yourself out of bed half an hour earlier than usual and either going for a brisk walk, jog or run or hitting the gym or the pool at least 3 or 4 mornings per week is the way to go. Not possible for everyone, dependent on your timetable but even if it is only on non-work days - do it (either together or separately) and not only see some rather pleasing results on the weight loss front but also benefit from loads more energy both in and out of the bedroom!

have a look at the gallery to see some of the delicious dishes involved in your new diet!

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