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healthy living - to the beach!

healthy living - to the beach!

Your 10-step natural health plan before you hit the beach! Eating spicy foods may increase the body’s temperature by as much as 20% which means that more calories are burned after a meal....

Eyeopener tv - resolutions!

The number one resolution for this year (and quite possibly every year) is to lose weight. It's an easy enough idea right? Well if you're one of those weight loss resolution-ers then listen up!

my family club - interview

My mission over the last 15 years since qualifying as a nutritional therapist has been to guide those who are seeking a path to follow by working tirelessly to not only keep up to speed with the latest news...

my weekly - lose 7 pounds in 7 days

There is increasing evidence that a quick-fix diet can work – when we see early weight loss we are much more likely to stay focused...

female first - vegan diets

Increasingly, people are 'heading down the vegan road' in a bid to lose weight but a healthy balance of the 'big 6' for optimum nourishment is vital... yes, vital!

your healthy living - the flu fighters

When colds and flu rear their ugly heads, it’s essential to equip your body with an arsenal of nutrients to fight them off. Time to find out which foods can really make a difference and keep us strong...

female first - fats for fat loss!

There’s no better time than Spring to start thinking about getting healthier, leaner and lighter! And a diet rich in fats is a great way to go - butter, cream, cheese and even chocolate are included!

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yours magazine - reclaim your waist

Reclaim your waist one inch at a time! It’s time to start fighting back against the inches that have crept on around your waist over the years with a sustainable and healthy eating plan - try this one for size!

Black caviar

h&n magazine - in the mood for love

Fiona Kirk has some exciting 'foodie' suggestions on how to make Valentine's Day a day to really remember without fear of packing on the pounds. Anyone for champagne, caviar and chocolate?

running fitness - running on empty?

A body that is often pushed to the limit with regular and strenuous exercise can't function well or for long without fat - fats really are a runner's friend...

share radio - eat to beat stress

Ongoing stress in the workplace can have devastating long-term effects on our health. Top tips from Fiona Kirk's Diet Secrets Uncovered for Stressed Executives...

mail online - a diet for everyone

Permanent weight loss is all about acknowledging that our nutritional needs change, often quite dramatically, throughout our lives dependent on our age, our lifestyle, our health status and our level of fitness...

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mail online - 7 golden rules

Nutritionist and author, Fiona Kirk reveals her seven golden rules for her quick-fix diet which will see you lose weight fast after what may have been a slightly overly-indulgent festive season!

the bryan crabtree radio show

Bryan welcomes health expert and author Fiona Kirk to the program to discuss how diet, hormones, stress overload, mindset and exercise affect our bodies, our health and our weight...

mornings on channel 9 tv

Fiona Kirk discusses why our dietary requirements change at different times of our lives, how to find the diet that suits you and how to fit it into a busy lifestyle without adding extra stress...

womans own - get 'souper' slim

Soup is quite literally 'nutritional perfection in a bowl' according to nutritionist, Fiona Kirk. Try her soup-rich diet and you could lose 10 pounds...

london mums - lovin your liver!

Giving your liver a little respect can see you shedding excess flab, upping your energy levels, feeling sharper, relieving digestive discomfort, improving your sleep...


healthista - being 'carb conscious'

There is possibly more confusion about carbohydrates than either of the other two major macronutrients and understandably so. Why they are all simply referred to as ‘carbs’ is where the problem lies...