super skin diet

how does it work?

If your skin is looking a bit dull and puffy, it often means it is crying out for some good hydration and a whole bunch of skin-saving nutrients and this diet has been devised to offer the lot. It's perfect before you head to the beach on holiday and a real saviour when you come back after a bit of overindulgence!

lose weight along the way!

I generally recommend you follow it for 3 days, however, some people stick with it for up to 7 days and not only see improvements in their skin but also a boost in energy levels and some very satisfying weight loss! Get all the ingredients in stock so you have everything to hand to keep you well-nourished each day and make the soups ahead of time, portion and refrigerate or freeze.

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Sip, slurp and crunch throughout the day rather than leaving long gaps. Flask your juices and soups and box your salads and take the little and often route to avoid energy dips and possible sugar cravings.

supplements (optional)

I also suggest you include two supplements: Krill Oil which is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids to keep skin cells flexible and wrinkle-free and astaxanthin, a skin-protective plant chemical and l-glutamine, an amino acid that encourages improved digestion and helps to manage cravings for sugar and alcohol.

Take 2 Krill Oil capsules per day - with food.

Add 5g l-glutamine powder to a small bottle of still water and sip throughout the day (shake well before each sip).

smoothie group1 small.jpg

every day

2 servings of Juice

Beta Carotene Cocktail in the morning

Cherry Berry Booster before bed

2 servings of Soup

Carrot and Saffron Soup or

Apple Almond Leek and Celery Soup or

Pea Mint and Lettuce Soup  or

Spinach and Watercress Soup

2 servings of Salad

Omega 3 Salad or

Energy Salad or

'From the Fridge' Salad

A Sample Skin-Saving Day

first thing

Beta Carotene Cocktail

every 2 hours throughout the day 

A cup or small mug of soup


A small salad

drinks throughout the day

Still and sparkling water

Rosehip tea (tea bags are widely available and convenient) 

40 minutes before bed

Cherry Berry Booster