I have played around with this soup-based 4-day ‘diet’ for years - adding one or other of my soups to ‘ring the changes’ but I keep coming back to the same old favourites to give me a fighting chance to ensure that I don’t swing into the festive season with a few too many pounds and hopefully keep them off through what can be a crazy time of the year when ‘overdose’ seems to be the name of the game!

The shopping list is none too onerous or expensive, the preparation and cooking time is easy peasy and every bowl of the ‘big 4’ (I have to blow my own trumpet here!) is quite different and delicious… AND filling, AND scrumptious, AND fresh, AND varied!

I like to do this 3 times between December and January. First burst: 11-14 December (before the christmas partying really gets started), 2nd burst: 27-30 December (after all the christmas/boxing day bad behaviour and before the new year onslaught), 3rd burst: 3-6 January (when a great bowl of soup is the best ever when you are tired, emotional and perhaps regretting how many cocktails you actually consumed in a month!)

It’s only 4 days at a time and 4 x 3 = 12 so that’s 12 days out of around 30 - and you could lose up to 7 pounds each time - not so hard methinks!

Want to download the details? Go on - give it a try!