a super quick-fix diet!

lamb and rice soup web.jpeg

It's hard to imagine a super-speedy diet without soup!

We have already been through all the benefits of a good and nourishing soup on the home page (weight loss included) AND every one of my many fat-loss books include some or many of my soups so it would seem churlish of me not to include a diet on this website which champions it's role - just in case you find yourself in that unenviable place where you need to lose a few pounds (or more) for a special event, a beach holiday or simply because you know you are carrying 'extra baggage' and it's not doing your health any favours!

This diet does not involve starvation of any kind, it provides a splendid combination of carbohydrates, proteins and good fats and is super-simple to follow (as long as you factor in just a little time to be somewhat-organised with the shopping, cooking and preparation!)

You can follow it for as many weeks as you choose but I seriously advise against 'diet-boredom' (repetition is great for learning French verbs but doesn't work so well for fat loss!) So (in my personal experience), 10 to 14 days is ideal. But having said that, many of my followers 'keep at it' for a month!

click on the image below to download the diet and the recipe links