a little more time2.jpg
cream of mussel soup.jpg

cream of mussel soup with lemon and saffron

prawn and fennel bisque.jpeg

prawn and fennel bisque with brandy

cullen skink.jpg

cullen skink with loads of peppery parsley

celery soup.jpg

seriously-smooth celery soup with nutmeg

curry soup.jpeg

curry and rice soup with coconut milk

chicken chorizo and greens soup.jpeg

chicken, potato, chorizo and greens soup

prawn risotto soup.jpeg

fabulously-creamy prawn risotto soup

Cucumber and Avocado Soup Shots.jpeg

chilled summer soup shots with cucumber and avocado

Carrot and Saffron Soup.jpeg

carrot and saffron soup with roasted tomato crisps

Cauliflower Cheese and Mustard Soup.jpeg

gloriously-creamy cauliflower cheese soup

Mushrooom1 web.jpeg

really mushroomy soup with a hint of booze!

Haddock and White Bean Soup.jpeg

creamy haddock and bean soup with saffron

Long-Stemmed Broccoli Soup.jpeg

long-stemmed broccoli soup with bacon bits

Crab and Ginger Soup.jpeg

beautifully-smooth crab and ginger soup

beef and barley broth.jpg

beef and barley broth with a hint of spice

squash and sage soup.jpeg

squash and sage soup with red pepper topping

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