quick and easy2.jpg
Pea Mint and Lettuce Soup.jpeg

pea, mint and lettuce soup with creamy yoghurt topping

blazin' hot tomato soup

blazin' hot tomato soup with a whole load of spices!

tomato and bacon bonanza soup.jpg

tomato and bacon bonanza soup

Spicy Turkey Soup.jpeg

spicy turkey soup with lime, peppers and peas

Apple, Almond, Leek and Celery Soup.jpeg

apple, almond, leek and celery soup with toasted crumbs

spinach and watercress soup.jpg

spinach and watercress soup with porridge oats

Gezpacho-Style Soup.jpeg

nice and spicy gazpacho-style soup

Chinese Little Gem Lettuce Soup.jpeg

chinese little gem lettuce soup with chicken or tofu

Parsley Soup with Chicken Nuggets.jpeg

parsley soup with chicken 'nuggets'

light fish soup.jpg

light fish broth with mixed beans and dill

Lemon Chicken Soup.jpeg

lemon chicken soup with carrots and orzo

Light Chicken or Lentil Soup.jpeg

deliciously-light chicken and/or lentil broth

Thai Prawn Noodle Soup.jpeg

thai prawn noodle soup with chilli and lemongrass

Very Quick Tomato Soup.jpeg

very quick tomato soup with balsamic

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