a few egg recipes!

Poached Egg Special.jpg

Poached egg special with avocado & smoked salmon

Mexican-Style Omelette.jpg

mexican-style omelette with peppers & tomatoes

Tofu Towers.jpg

tofu towers with spinach & aubergine

Fried Eggs with Ham & Tomato.jpg

fried eggs with ham and tomatoes

omega 3 salad small.jpg

omega 3 salad with watercress, beans & eggs

salmon kedgeree small.jpg

salmon kedgeree with spices and nuts

Warm Salad with Haggis.jpg

warm haggis salad with apples & red onion

open sandwich5 small.jpg

open sandwiches with loads of great toppings

smoked bacon and queenie salad4.jpg

smoked bacon and queenie salad

crispbread5 small.jpg

crisp-breads with loads of great toppings

a few light summer salads & more

squash and sage pasta2 web.jpeg

squash & sage pasta with pumpkin

quinoa veg bake web.jpeg

quinoa vegetable bake - works every time!

crab, salmon, avocado, fennel and apple salad1 web.jpeg

crab, salmon & avocado salad with apples

fennel and orange quinoa salad web.jpeg

quinoa and fennel salad with orange and pomegranate

roast beef and goats cheese salad2 web.jpeg

roast beef and goats cheese salad

spiced lamb salad web.jpeg

spiced lamb salad with watermelon and nuts

My Favourite Warm Salad web.jpeg

my favourite warm salad with everything that’s in the fridge!

creole-style banana salad1 web.jpeg

creole-style banana salad with pineapple and raisins

pasta a la nicoise2 web.jpeg

pasta a la nicoise with tuna and olives

one pot chicken and chorizo web.jpeg

one pot chicken and chorizo with courgettes and spinach