slow and mellow2.jpg
Black Bean and Ham Soup.jpeg

black bean soup with smoked ham hock

Lamb, Rice and Spinach Soup.jpg

lamb and rice soup with spinach and tomatoes


venison broth with juniper berries and bay leaves

Chicken and Barley Broth.jpeg

chicken and barley broth with garlic and tomatoes

Adzuki Bean Soup.jpeg

adzuki bean soup with red pepper and mushrooms

Scotch Broth.jpeg

scotch broth (the secret is the butter beans!)


cataplana - with thanks to my portuguese cooking heroes!

Pea & Ham Soup.jpeg

pea and ham soup with a few little extras!

Roasted Tomato & Red Pepper Soup.jpeg

red pepper and tomato soup with spicy chorizo

Kidney Soup.jpeg

kidney soup with beef shin and root vegetables

Minestrone Soup.jpeg

quite the best minestrone soup ever!

bone broth.jpeg

reasonably-quick but still-delicious bone broth

Lamb Tagine.jpeg

lamb tagine with plenty of warming spices

Mulligatawny Soup.jpeg

you will really fall for this muligawtawny soup

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