Soup Testing and Tasting!

Silverbeet, Fennel and Almond Soup (Donna Hay)

Oops! Just one month to go before Christmas Eve! And… instead of concentrating on trees, presents, cards and the rest, I am (as ever) focusing on THE soup I might serve on Christmas Day! To my mind, this is a mighty important issue and has to be given much thought and much tasting and testing!

Generally speaking, there tends to be a mixed bag of people around a Christmas table (some young, some old, some vegetarian and/or vegan, some with intolerances to wheat, dairy, shellfish and the rest so the soup has to encompass just about everything - BUT - it has to be downright delicious - that’s not up for debate!

I am not sure how many people have come across Donna Hay’s books and her website but I am definitely a fan. She is from ‘down under’ and the weather at this time of the year is scarily-hot but she is unlikely to let that get in the way of creating beautiful soups so I am right there with her! Think warm, sunny, light, delicious and oh so pretty and this one could well be in the running!

I have still got a few more of Donna’s soups, a few others from my favourite soup bloggers and of course, my own concoctions to try and to compete with this one so I will keep you posted as the month progresses but the recipe testing and tasting will certainly be the name of the game!

Oh, and by the way ‘silverbeet’ is swiss chard!

Fiona Kirk