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Poached Egg Special web2.jpg

Now… the way I see it is … if grilled flat, fresh mushrooms, just-ripe avocados, smoked salmon from fish so fresh even through the smoking you can detect it and a runny, free-range organic egg are your thing - you have just happened upon the very best combination - ever!

I played around with this recipe for some considerable time and my premis was to have ‘no bread of any sort ’ to pile the other delightful ingredients upon (I suppose I must have been appealing the the ‘paleo lot’ or the ‘intermittent fasting lot’ or the ‘gluten intolerant lot’ - or dear alone knows who else!) But I certainly was not appealing to those that somehow or other believe that those foods that are rich in Omega fats (particularly Omega 3 fats) are ‘fattening’ and should be limited! Honestly, you can almost feel your nails growing, your bone mass intensifying, your heart strengthening, your hair taking on a beautiful shine and your power and energy spilling over as you savour every bite!

It has to be said - I am rather pleased with this wonderfully-filling and really health-giving dish and I would love you to try it and let me know if you have any further variations on my theme. Sometime I substitute smoked ham for the smoked salmon AND balance two poached eggs on top! - risk-taker or what??

miso soup2 web.jpeg

No, not this time - I want to talk about Miso Soup, often forgotten when we need a bit of a pick-me-up when the weather is cold, damp and unforgiving and particularly when it comes to attracting the odd virus that is doing the rounds!

This recipe is from the Planet Organic Cookbook which was published way back in 2000 (think it may, sadly be no longer available but seek it out and you may be lucky) and created by Renee Elliot and Eric Treuille (he of Books for Cooks in Notting Hill fame). What a shop, what an experience and I am proud to say that he once stocked my Soup Cookbook - and - displayed it in the window!

The secret for selecting miso for soups is that red miso is thicker and saltier and is traditionally used in winter soups and white miso is more delicate and sweeter and is preferred for lighter, summer soups. I think you will find that red miso is the one for the job here, but it’s up to you.