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Yes, I know that they don’t necessarily ‘fit’ with a soup/nutrition blog but they are so very hard to resist! James of the Portugalist website sums it up very nicely… “This pastry is quite simply perfection in two bites.” I am going to let him tell you about the history of pastéis de nata because he grew up in Portugal and he tells it way better than me!

You have really got to try one, it has got to be a Portuguese-owned bakery and it has to be baked fresh that very morning - no ‘second day’ pastéis de nata - no way! And best ever, those that are still warm, straight from the oven - heaven in two bites (or perhaps three!)

And if you are in Lagos in Western Algarve look no further than Gomba Pastelaria on Rua Dom Vasco da Gama (just past the back of the bus station, two doors past the equally-fine butcher’s shop - Talho Lusitano). And btw: they also do a Coffee and Walnut Cake to die for!